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Whiskey Sour Punch Recipe

It’s the holidays again! While we will all be celebrating the holidays differently this year, one tradition will remain for most—you will still be consuming alcohol. The following is an old school punch recipe that my mother would make for all our parties growing up. I was able to partake when I came of age and I can tell you firsthand that this Whiskey Sour Punch is a little dangerous! As easy as it is to make, it is even easier to drink—so take your time! To be safe, have one person serve the punch – always using a serving ladle. Do not – I repeat – DO NOT dip your cup or glass into the punch bowl!!

Makes 16 Cups


- 1 Small Orange

- (3) 6oz cans frozen concentrated Lemonade (that Minute Maid stuff works best)

- 3 cups Orange Juice

- 750ml Bourbon, Scotch, or Rye

- (1) 32oz Bottle of Club Soda (Chilled)

- 2 Trays of Ice Cubes

- Large Punch Bowl


- Prepare Garnish: thinly slice Orange, discard ends

- In large Punch Bowl combine Frozen Lemonade with the Orange Juice, Liquor (Bourbon, Scotch, or Rye), Club Soda, Ice

- Mix, Mix, Mix

- Top with Orange slices

- Drink and repeat


While this punch can serve a larger crowd, it is also great for your small Covid Pod. As long as your Pod can drink! A direct quote from my mother: “This is a great punch for a small party of real drinkers but serve with plenty of food. This one packs a powerful punch!” (No pun intended!)

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you get to drink lots of punch throughout the season!


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