What is Leonetti Living?

Wine Glasses_edited.jpg

Leonetti Living is easy!  It's going to Las Vegas as often as possible!  It's thinking about dinner before you even have lunch.  It's having champagne on a Tuesday night - just because.  It's not about money - it's about food, family, fun, and going out as often as possible.  It's also staying in and cooking.  It's planning a vacation month in advance.  It's spending time with friends and family after a rough day and having a glass of wine together.  It's having a big trip to look forward to.   Leonetti Living is all of that - I learned it from my family and I want to share it all with you!  Who am I?  My name is Nicole -  I'm from Staten Island, NY.  I went to The Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!)  Now, I am living my dream in California's beautiful San Fernando Valley!