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Bourbon Ball Recipe

These cookies are a Leonetti family tradition that my mother has been making since before I was born (FYI – that was many many years ago)! She originally received the inspiration for this recipe from a co-worker at the Lord & Taylor’s in Manhattan and has made it her own over the years. No Christmas is complete without a few bourbon balls. Also, this was the cookie of choice for Santa that we would leave out each Christmas Eve. Even though I didn’t eat them as a kid I thought the bourbon balls must be pretty magical since Santa loved them and kept giving me wonderful presents! Now I see the magic in them myself as they are the best way to make it through the holiday season. Hope you make them to enjoy with your family as well. Although, you can also enjoy them alone and won’t have to share!

Makes about 3 dozen cookies


- 1 box Nilla Wafers

- 1 cup Confectioners’ (Powdered) Sugar

- 1 cup Walnuts

- ½ cup of Bourbon (use one you enjoy!)

- Big Dash of Honey!

- Additional Confectioners’ Sugar


- Blend up the Nilla Wafers in a Food Processor or Blender until fine

- Put blended up Nilla Wafers in large bowl

- Blend up the Walnuts in a Food Processor or Blender until they are fairly well blended

- Put blended up Walnuts in same bowl as Nilla Wafers

- Add Sugar, Bourbon, and Honey to the bowl with Nilla Wafers and Walnuts

- Mix, Mix Mix

- Roll mixture into bite sized balls (If mixture is too wet add more Sugar; if mixture is too dry add more Bourbon!)

- Roll balls into the Sugar

- Enjoy!

These Bourbon Balls can be quite strong so don’t eat too many if you are planning to drive! They are best enjoyed at home around the fire… or in my case – around the TV. Happy Holidays!

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