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Welcome to Leonetti Living

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

If one more person tells me that I need to start a blog, I will go insane! I have always wanted to, but the fear of failure or—even worse—looking ridiculous has always paralyzed me. I have so many ideas and always wanted a blog to be perfect before putting it out there. In my old age, though, I have decided that I need to just jump in and contribute what I can to the blogosphere without caring too much about what people think.

Yes, yes – I know that everyone and their cousin has a blog and the majority of them revolve around food. So, what would make mine special? Well – I am a firm believer that everyone has their own unique point of view and that goes for my perspective on food, as well. I’ve been taking photos of my food since before it was a thing and I plan to take food photos long after the notion is considered passé. So, I will keep this simple – I love food….so very much!

I have always loved food. I plan everything around it – my days, weeks, holidays, and vacations. I see how I can curate a great food experience around any life event. I promise—I don’t do this for the ‘gram or to stress out my friends and family! I do it because I have no choice. It’s how my mind works. It always has. Since I was a child begging to go to Spago when it opened in Vegas. Since I started working in food as a teenager and imagined everything I could eat in the Italian deli where I was the cashier (and lotto girl!). Since I was in college and watched endless episodes of Food Network in my dorm room.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to continue working in food and have had phenomenal dining experiences that I could only dream of as a kid. I’ve been starting to travel more and delight in researching for these trips almost as much as going on them. In addition to dining out, I love cooking and trying new recipes from my ever-expanding cookbook collection. I want to share my food adventures with as many people as I can because I come from a hospitality background and upbringing, and I just want everyone to be well-fed and happy!

So please join me as I share my favorite restaurants, travel destinations, and new recipes. I want you to use this space as a resource. I just have a few rules for this blog as we start this adventure.

1) Please ask questions

2) Please do not judge my skills as a writer or photographer

3) Please share your food experiences with me

4) Please tell all of your friends how much I eat and how they should check out this blog

5) Please follow me on Instagram and watch my Insta stories

6) Please do not judge my Insta stories – wine is typically involved!

That’s it for now! As you can see above, I would love for this to be a no judgement zone. Even though I’m a bit older and wiser than I once was…. I am still a bit neurotic!


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Nicole Leonetti
Nicole Leonetti

Thank you for all of the support!!!



I can confirm you have been taking pictures of food way before it was a thing! Also thanks for making me watch all of the Food Network shows, they always made me so hungry at 10 pm and all I had was easy mac. Girl you got this, do your thing, love it!!!!😘



Love it!!! This is awesome!!

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