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6 Wines from Trader Joe's

If you know me – you know that I am not a Trader Joe’s person. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I am just missing the Trader Joe’s-loving gene. However, my dear friend Erin (@erin_funfoodie on Instagram) challenged me to find 6 wines from TJ’s that I would suggest. I can honestly say that not only did I drink all of these wines, but I would also recommend them! I promise I didn't drink this wine all by myself – but I had at least a half glass from each bottle! While I don’t love grocery stores (again – missing that gene) now that I have a mortgage and a child (my dog – Frankie) I need to be more economical when it comes to my wine-buying habits. I was able to purchase these six bottles for $88, which I consider a pretty good deal since I typically spend that amount on 2-3 bottles…… I truly believe that Trader Joe’s has something for everyone when it comes to wine and I won’t be quite as hesitant to purchase wine from Trader Joe’s in the future. Especially when buying wine for a crowd or more casual events. Here are the six bottles I selected:

Espiral Vinho Verde from Portugal for $4.49 – Available exclusively at Trader Joe’s. Crisp and refreshing wine with notes of green apple and melon - really great value!

2020 Floriana Grüner Veltliner from Hungary for $5.99 - Available exclusively at Trader Joe’s. Perfect Summer Wine! Zippy citrus notes on the nose with juicy green apple and mouthwatering acidity on the palate.

2021 Daou Sauvignon Blanc from Paso Robles for $14.99 - Everything you would want from a Sauv Blanc with aromas of Grapefruit and Green Apple, and flavors of tropical fruits on the palate. You should also visit Daou next time you visit Paso! Such a beautiful winery with the best views in Paso.

2020 Argyle Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley (Oregon) for $19.99 - Vibrant red fruit flavors that pairs well with a wide variety of foods - Argyle is located in one of the best regions for Pinot Noir. We were lucky enough to visit Argyle on our trip to Willamette Valley.

2019 Chateau Fargueirol Jean XXII Châteauneuf-du-Pape for $17.99 - Aromas of dark cherries and raspberries with hints of spice and herbal notes. I would also consider aging this one a bit.

2019 Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon for $16.99 - If you are familiar with Duckhorn wines - Decoy is it's more affordable little sister - their Cab Sauv has red and blue fruit flavors, silky tannins and balanced acidity - just need to pair it with a good steak.

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